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MegaReach is a member of the Worldcom Public Relations Group, the world’s largest and leading network of independently owned PR counseling firms. Established in 1988, Worldcom was formed so that the strongest, most capable public relations firms could serve national, international and multi-national clients while retaining the flexibility and client-service focus inherent in independent agencies.

Through Worldcom, clients have on-demand access to in-depth communications expertise from professionals who understand the language, culture and customs of the geographic arenas in which they operate.

Worldcom has more than 100 partner offices in 33 countries worldwide, employing 1800 consultants with a combined turnover of US$183.2 million. Worldcom Asia Pacific Region alone has partners in Australia, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, India and Vietnam.

The Worldcom Group is among the most structured, professional networks in the public relations field, with best practices and procedures not present in many multinational agencies. Its partner offices undergo bi-annual peer-administered quality assessment, and are governed by established policies and protocols for interaction, including rules of engagement, requests for assistance and best practices.

Delegates from partner offices meet face-to-face twice yearly. Atttendance is mandatory and leaders of offices know each other personally.

With such high service quality standards and the comprehensive Worldcom University staff development program, members of the Worldcom Group provide clients with superior service and international expertise, without global agency overheads. Clients also have access to specialist services, such as staff training programs, practice groups and relationship branding - a proprietary client branding process.

Worldcom is ably represented in the Philippines by MegaReach.




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